We build our outdoor products using the same techniques and joinery used in building fine indoor furniture. The effort you put into making your garden the perfect place to relax should be reflected in the quality and style of the furniture and planters you choose to accent your outdoor space.

If you go to the local garden center or home center and look at what is offered you will notice that the material is not more than inch thick , that no attempt at good joinery is used, any hardware used is just plain steel. This type of construction ensures two things: (1) the piece will fall apart in less than a year and (2) you will have to replace it often.

At Double Dragon Wood Works we use a minimum to a full one inch thick material for just about everything we build. With proper maintenance, short of natural disasters, theft or abuse, we guarantee that you will never have to replace any of our pieces. Just add to your collection as your gardening ambitions grow.

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