Double Dragon Wood Works was started in November of 2000 in retaliation to high priced poorly made outdoor furniture and garden accessories. My wife wanted a planter for the front of the house. We visited every garden and home center in the San Francisco Bay Area and couldn't find one the size she wanted. The closest one was about a third smaller than she actually wanted and extremely expensive. I told her that I refused to pay that much money for what I described as, "a bundle of firewood", and that I could make her one ten times better for one tenth the cost. She just looked at me and said, "O.K. then, do it". So I did and that grew into building planters and furniture for friends and family which led me to believe that I could do it for anybody that was interested in high-quality outdoor furniture and garden accessories for a reasonable price.

      Teak Table  - click to view largerBench Planter